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Engineer, environmentalist, and horrible dancer. Erik can't exactly remember how he came up with the project but once he gets an idea in his head its too late to turn back. The project is a blend of his passions, adventure and environmentalism.


Lover of lakes, canoes, minimalism, puppies, and sports. While living in Vancouver, Michael caught wind of the project. Looking for a change in direction, he moved back home to Hamilton to partner with Erik for Sustainabus.



Along with being an excellent editor and social media manager, Kolina is the projects ethical compass. A nurse by occupation Kolina has a passion for making positive social change.



With the looks of a wolf and the personality of a therapy dog, Kunik is a magnet for people and canine alike. If more than two people start howling Kunik can't help but join in.



Party dog with one speed (turbo). Raised in a student house, Murphy is a hyper social, attention seeking, trouble making son of a mother's lover.



The newest addition to our team, Clyde is an ex sled dog from Northern Ontario. He may be the oldest pup on Sustainabus but no one gets as energetic when it comes to cuddles.